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Premium IV Drips now available at Casbah Spa & Salon

IV Drip Fort Lauderdale

Why IV Drip Infusions?

Strengthens Immune System

Anti-Aging Benefits

Cold + Flu Benefits

Optimal Athletic Performance + Recovery

Boosted Metabolism

Hangover + Headache Relief

Chronic Fatigue

Brain Fog

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Vitamins taken orally will be broken down in the digestive process, leading to around 50% absorption. IV therapy on the other hand, allows one to bypass digestion altogether, facilitating the absorption of vitamins at much higher rates. Just about everyone who cares about their health understands the value of replenishing their bodies with hydration and nutrients. We’ve partnered with Healthy Choice Wellness Center who have developed IV solutions to address a number of common health benefits, which can include anti-aging, improved immune system, minimized anxiety, reversed symptoms of hangovers and more. 

We are staffed with qualified and properly licensed medical professionals who can safely administer IV drips. Our center is a safe, clean, meditative space which utilizes the best IV technology to give our clients a great experience. Are you ready to feel the amazing benefits of a comprehensive and customized hydration experience? We’ll have your body feeling like new and improve your performance through an IV hydration plan that is customized to your exact needs.

*Vitamin IV (Intravenous) pushes and IM (intramuscular) administrations are provided. Inquire within for pricing and availability.

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