Find your inner tranquility. Your treatment is an opportunity to transform your well-being through the power of therapeutic touch. Your therapist will work with you to create a tailor-made experience. Let the healing begin.

Casbah Signature Massage
80 minutes

Sail away with our Signature experience.  Choose from  Relaxing Swedish or Deep Sea Therapeutic Massage. You will be offered two of the accompanied enhancements to customize your experience to pure bliss:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Cupping on the Back
  • Warm Oil Scalp Massage
  • Paraffin Foot Treatment
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm Stones on the Back

Relaxing Swedish
50 minutes • $100
80 minutes • $140
110 minutes • $200

Enter a state of total relaxation. Invigorating and gentle Swedish Massage techniques ease tension, promote circulation, and soothe the senses.

Deep Sea Therapeutic
50 minutes • $110
80 minutes • $150
110 minutes • $220

    Body in balance begins, now. Deep Tissue blended massage techniques relieve tight muscles and reset the body into harmony.

    Reel Deep Neuromuscular
    50 minutes • $125
    80 minutes • $175
    110 minutes • $250

      Body in motion. Neuromuscular is beneficial for injuries and chronic pain. Your therapist will warm targeted muscles and work deeply to release knots and adhesions.

      Idle Awhile Stress Reliever
      25 minutes

        Chill, we are here for the quick pick me up.  Focused massage where you need it.  Also easily added to any Spa or Salon treatment to enhance your experience.

        Float in Sync Couples Massage
        50 minutes • $240
        80 minutes • $330
        110 minutes • $470

        Deep Tissue Upgrade (2) • $40

          Experience the Spa together. Simultaneous Aromatherapy Massages by candlelight and a champagne toast.  


          Baby on Board Prenatal Massage
          50 minutes • $125
          80 minutes • $175

            Oh, Baby! A nurturing experience for both mother and child. We want to pamper the Mommy-To-Be. Our pregnancy massage will relax your body and soothe away aches and worries. (Performed after 1st trimester.)

            Warm Escape
            50 minutes • $125
            80 minutes • $175

              Warm Stone Massage is the perfect combination of soothing heat placed over the body and a relaxing hands-on Massage. The best of both worlds come together to offer warmth and tranquility.

              Rolling On Bamboo
              80 minutes • $175

                Bamboo Massage transforms warm bamboo applications to create an experience blended with a Deep Water Therapeutic Massage.

                Flow Lymphatic
                25 minutes • $75
                50 minutes • $125
                80 minutes • $175

                  Go with the flow. Lymphatic massage consists of very gentle and rhythmic strokes to clear lymph pathways. Recommended after surgery, for water retention and to assist in cleansing the body.

                  Footprints Reflexology
                  25 minutes • $75
                  50 minutes • $125 (foot soak included)

                    Reflexology is an ancient healing technique applying direct pressure to feet that correspond to other parts of your body. This focused treatment reduces tension and uplifts the nervous system.

                    Deep Breath Ashiatsu Fusion
                    50 minutes • $125
                    80 minutes • $175

                      Embark on your journey overseas. A fusion massage combining Ashiatsu using overhead bars for balance, Shiatsu, and Therapeutic hands-on Massage. This is an experience for people who love deep muscular work.

                      Calcutta Massage
                      50 minutes • $220
                      80 minutes • $300

                        This is the Big One!  Four-handed intensive massage where two therapists synchronize a massage customized just for you.


                        Ocean Breeze Enhancements

                        20 minutes
                        $80.00 (must call to add on)

                        A gentle dripping of warm oil to the “third eye” evokes an extremely deep and relaxing state of mind. Add on to any Massage.


                        Massage Add-Ons

                        Add ons (Must call to include an add-on. Please make add-on requests at time of appointment. May also include add-ons at time of service):

                        Tibetan Singing bowls
                        Sound therapy placed on the body

                        Decompression therapy on the back

                        Warm Stones on the back
                        Basalt warm stones to relax the back

                        Paraffin Foot Treatment
                        Foot soak in warm oils

                        Choice of an essential oil massage 

                        Warm Oil Scalp Massage
                        Peppermint oil invigorating scalp massage