Bad hair day?
It could be stress related.

Make Yourself a Priority.

Feeling Stressed?

April is Stress Awareness Month, says Eliseo, so this month we’re taking a look at how stress can affect the condition of your hair and what to do about it.

Stress can affect your hair and scalp:

If you’ve started to shed hair then stress may be to blame, says Eliseo. Our bodies produce hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline when we feel stressed, and these can raise your testosterone levels causing hair loss.

In the same way increased stress can affect your skin, it can also make your scalp produce more oil, upsetting your scalp’s balance and leading to flaking and itching. If you suffer with dandruff you may find it flares up when you are under stress. There are gentle yet effective at-home dandruff treatments available so do ask your stylist for advice – we’re always very happy to help and advise you.

Treat Your Stressed Tresses

“Always get your MD’s advice if you are worried about your hair or scalp. For example, if clumps of hair are falling out, you have bald patches or your scalp feels painful or is burning,” explains Eliseo.

“In the meantime – indulge yourself with some hair and scalp de-stressing treatment. It’ll not only make your hair look thicker, glossy and healthier, but a little pampering will make you feel better too. We’re happy to talk you through our range of treatments – just pop in or give us a call.”

Why not book a consultation if you’d like to discuss some different styling ideas. The right cut and styling can effectively help disguise thinner hair – or you might just fancy a mood-boosting new look.

We’ve also got some great products for home use too including conditioning and thickening products as well as scalp treatments to really give your hair a boost.

Taking some time out to kick back, relax and give yourself and your hair some TLC on a regular basis will dial down the stress at the end of a long week and help you look and feel amazing.

Avoid Comfort Eating

It’s so easy to reach out for a glass of wine or some comforting sweet treat when we’re feeling stressed – but giving in to temptation too often will make it even harder for your hair to bounce back from a period of stress. Hair shedding is often one of the first signs of a poor diet.

“The best advice is to follow a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg,” says Eliseo. “Stay active, drink plenty of water and avoid too much alcohol and junk food.”  

Consider our Hydrating IV therapy INNER BEAUTY which includes many vitamins and minerals including Biotin.

Would you like some expert advice on how to cope with stressed-out or thinning hair? Call us to book a consultation or to ask about our selfcare retail products.

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