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Nail Salon in Fort Lauderdale

We’re not just a nail salon.

Casbah Spa & Nail Salon has been in the business of pampering our customers for over 20 years. We offer a variety of beauty treatments and packages ranging from hair and makeup to microdermabrasion and permanent make up among many other services.

Manicures and pedicures are one of our specialties. We’re centrally located in Ft. Lauderdale near the Galleria Mall. We have expert nail technicians on staff ready to create a manicure or pedicure you’ll love. We also offer expert nail design services, all you have to do is ask! Below you’ll find a few of our favorites, guaranteed to leave your hands and feet happy.

Classic Manicure

Our Signature spin on the classic manicure involves luxury. We wrap your hands in warm seaweed to deeply hydrate and heal, followed by a exfoliant-rich hand and arm massage bringing you to complete balance. We follow up with a detailed manicure, warm towel and the polish of your choice. 

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Smooth Paraffin

Be the ultimate soft and smooth operator with our Smooth Paraffin Wrap Manicure. Dip into essential exfoliation with this one. Nourish and hydrate your hand’s warm touch back to its original state. Enjoy a hand & arm massage with your impeccably done manicure. Your hands will thank you.

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Nail Salon in Fort Lauderdale FL, Manicure & Pedicure

Design Manicure

Individuality and creativity can be expressed through so many avenues. Your nails are no exception. Show your true colors with a custom designed manicure by our expert nail technicians. Say who you are without speaking a word. Please mention at booking so we can properly schedule times.

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Sports Pedicure

Recovery in full effect. If you live an active lifestyle and your feet are in need of some TLC, the Therapeutic Sports Pedicure at our nail salon in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent choice. A peppermint foot soak, a healing CBD oil foot and leg massage and warm basalt stones are all part of this ultimate healing treatment.

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Fort Lauderdale Nail Salon

Toes in The Sand

Our exclusive Deep Feet Rejuvenating Treatment. Energize your toes with a citrus oil foot soak and an exfoliating foot scrub. Uplift your spirits while you renew and repair your soles with an Anti-Aging Glycolic Foot Peel and a fabulous foot massage to top it all off. The most perfectly refreshing pedicure experience.

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You Had Me At Coconut!

Picture you, the beach, a pina colada – ahh…that’s how you’ll feel with this divine pedicure treatment. Exfoliate with our Colada sparkle sugar scrub to reveal new, fresh skin. Zone out during your foot and leg massage with our super luxurious Colada Lotion which locks in intense hydration.

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Wait, there’s more!

Want to know more about the amazing services we offer at Casbah Spa & Salon? These are just a few of the rejuvenating hand and foot experiences we offer at Casbah Nail Salon. We offer a bunch more top manicures and pedicures guaranteed to leave your hands and feet happy.

Make Yourself a Priority.

Best Nail Salon in Fort Lauderdale

Our nail technicians provide manicures, pedicures, and specialty nail services that are impeccable to the last detail. Our technicians will make you feel pampered while you enjoy this time to take care of yourself.

We encourage toe flirting and feeling fabulous. Our products include top brands such as Essie, OPI, and Vinylux. Our nail salon Ft Lauderdale offers a large selection of nail polish colors and expert manicure and pedicure services.


Our Signature manicure will wrap your hands in luxury with warm seaweed for intense hydration and healing. Rich exfoliants and hand and arm massage bring you into complete balance. Detailed manicure follows with a warm towel and the polish of your choice.

45 minutes, $35

This manicure is ideal for the person on the go, while your manicure is thorough from beginning to end, our professional luxurious products will leave your skin and nails glowing.

30 minutes, $25

Make your perfect manicure last forever...well at least 14 days! Consider a gel manicure for lasting, shiny, I’m going on vacation nails. Please let us know ahead of time if you already have gel on as it will take additional time and you will need to arrive early.

60 minutes, $45

Dip Powder is a nail enhancement system for a lasting (3-4 weeks) manicured nail. French dip powder is additional. Please let us know ahead of time if you already have dip powder  on as it will take additional time and you will need to arrive early.

Classic Dip • $55
French Dip • $65

60 minutes • $65 Full Set 
60 minutes • $65 Overlay
60 minutes • $45 Fills

Sun-kisses. Our anti-aging hand treatment leaves you feeling flawless. This intense treatment uses glycolic acid to even out skin texture and improves elasticity. Stimulating citrus hand and arm massage will unwind your day leaving you feeling restored. A meticulous classic manicure is the final touch.

60 minutes, $60

Take a dip. Essential exfoliation and oil-infused warm paraffin wrap for the ultimate smooth operator. This nourishing and hydrating treatment restores your hand’s warm touch. Accompanied with a hand and arm massage and impeccable manicure.

45 minutes, $45


This signature pedicure pampers you heal and sole. A foot soak and exfoliation refresh the senses, while your nail specialist massages your pedi-pains away. Your legs and feet are enveloped in warm seaweed, enriched with minerals to detox and heal. Impeccable pedicure and polish complete this spa treat.

50 minutes, $65

Indulge your feet into complete health and softness. Your treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak and lavender exfoliation that stimulates circulation. Pampered with essential moisturizers, massage, and a precise Classic pedicure. Happy feet.

50 minutes, $50

A moment is all it takes. Our express pedicure is ideal for those "on the go". Your nail specialist will cleanse and offer your choice of callus or cuticle cutting. A light foot massage will follow, finishing with a nail color polished to perfection.

25 minutes, $38

Sports Pedicure invigorates the most overworked soles. For the active lifestyle and tired footsies, we awaken the essence of recovery. Bask in a peppermint foot soak and a healing CBD oil foot and leg massage with warm basalt stones. Accompanied with a Classic Pedicure and skilled attention to your cuticles, calluses, and exfoliation.

50 minutes, $80

Enjoy a state of total Bliss. Soothe your feet, body, and mind with a heavenly experience. A wild lavender foot soak to relax and refresh, followed by a warm paraffin foot treatment for ultimate hydration. Accompanied by a relaxing massage and Classic pedicure to complete your luxurious experience.

50 minutes, $75

Pamper those tootsies with our exclusive Deep Feet Rejuvenating Treatment. Energizing foot soak with citrus oil to uplift your spirits and exfoliating foot scrub. Repair and renew your skin with our Anti-Aging Glycolic foot peel and a focus fabulous foot massage.

50 minutes • $70
80 minutes • $100

Imagine sitting on an exotic beach while you sip a Pina Colada! Soak your footsies in an essential oil milk foot bath, followed by an exfoliation using our Colada sparkle sugar scrub to reveal beautiful new skin. Continue your reality break as you zone out during your foot and leg massage with our super luxurious Colada Lotion which locks in intense hydration. The unique balance of vitamins and nutrients repairs dry and damaged skin and stimulates the senses.

50 minutes, $85

We call this our Fruitopia experience for the feet! Your soles are soaked in a fresh bath of citrus and aromatherapy oils. We cleanse your feet with the assistance of fresh lemons, limes & oranges. We exfoliate your skin with a citrus sea salt scrub and pamper your toes with a warm paraffin dip. To finish off this indulging experience we give you a 30-minute foot massage with our citrus shea body buttercream. What a sweet treat!

80 minutes, $100

Treat your hands & feet. 

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