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Casbah Spa is Fort Lauderdale’s leading choice in Microblading and Permanent Makeup. The microblading process usually takes between 2-3 hours and involves minimal discomfort. A Microblading Technician will measure your face and create a perfectly shaped brow custom-tailored to fit your facial structure. Make an appointment for perfect brows that won’t smudge and will look amazing day after day.

Microblading & Permanent Makeup services include:

3 hours • $650

3 hours • $700

2 hours • $500

2 hours • $400

3 hours • $700

2 hours • $500

Microblading Fort Lauderdale

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of a semi-permanent makeup performed using a manually handheld tool. With very fine needles at the tip, it resembles the shape of a blade - thus the term "Microblade", to draw each individual hair and implant the pigment into the skin at the same time.

What's the best Microblading Fort Lauderdale has to offer?

Hands down, Casbah Spa has hundreds of positive reviews including many from our Microblading clients. For perfect brows everytime, Casbah Spa has you covered.

Is Microblading Safe and Effective?

Microblading is safe and effective. It offers full symetrical eyebrows for those with thinning or sparse hair and is a cost efficient way to save time and money on your daily brow routine.

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Casbah Spa & Salon offers Microblading Fort Lauderdale. We're centrally located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale near the Galleria Mall. Come check us out!

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